Driven Hunt

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Driven Hunt

Renowned as New England’s finest upland bird hunting destination, the Preserve Sporting Club offers the best landscapes and presentations for hunting, shooting and the camaraderie of fine dining at day’s end.

This year, we’ll celebrate the British driven shooting season with seasonal Driven Hunts through fall and winter. These exclusive morning outings invite you to reach for your wool caps and soft leather boots.

As the day begins you may opt to shoot our compact sporting clays to warm up or stop by the Double Barrel Kitchen for an early breakfast before joining your guides for a memorable hunting experience. Brief safety and introduction to your fellow hunters and guides, followed by a 400-bird release. Shooters await as the dogs and their handlers push the birds down the chain towards eager hunters. This ensures the maximum number of birds to be encountered.

Enjoy the untouched New England scenery as you walk through the fields awaiting the perfect shot.

Price includes:

  • 400-birds
  • Safety orientation
  • Dogs, Handlers, and Guides Included.
  • Guns available to rent and ammunition can be purchased on site.

Driven Hunt

Driven Hunt

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