Football Mondays

Football Mondays

Our Safari Tents – two finely appointed luxury tents, each with comfortable seating, rich wood floors, oriental rugs, and wood plank ceilings and an inviting outdoor seating area features Adirondack chairs and fire pit area for added ambiance.

Includes: Watching the game, enjoying a Cohiba cigar, a glass of Lophroaig Scotch and tastes from our delicious charcuterie board all under.

Excludes: Alcoholic drinks

Open To: OHM Collection Members and OHM IHG Guests

Parking: Hilltop Lodge

Football Mondays

Football Mondays

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Lori Mihailides
401-539-4653 x5

$ 65



Safari Tents
87 Kingstown Road, Richmond, RI, 02898, United States | 401-5394653