Beginner Pistol Clinic

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Beginner Pistol Clinic

This course is perfect for new shooters to help reinforce firearm safety and shooting skills or for experienced shooters who are still having difficulty getting the rounds to go where they want them too. This class focuses on the importance of a proper stance, grip, trigger squeeze, aiming, and follow through. Consistency and execution of proper shooting fundamentals are also emphasized with each trigger squeeze. Finally, we engage in a number of shooting drills that will help you minimize anticipation and become a better shooter overall. This is not a class to teach you how to shoot, it is a class to help you improve your existing skills!

Required Prerequisites: A previous shooting class within six (6) months for new shooters or previous shooting experience for intermediate shooters.

Required Materials: Students should bring a firearm, 2 magazines, approximately 150 rounds of ammunition, eye protection and ear protection. Your class payment includes free use of .22 caliber firearm/magazines, eye protection and ear protection if you do not own them. Ammunition is not included and must be secured prior to class.

Member and Guest Dress Code.
When entering the Members Lodge Clubhouse, inclusive of the Double Barrel Kitchen Restaurant inside and outside dining, and the Preserve Academy classroom, we kindly ask that you abide by our Resort Casual Dress Code, permitting collared shirts, dress shorts, cotton and linen slacks, dressy blouses, pullover tops, dresses and maxi dresses, dress jeans, and close toed shoes.
Nonconforming clothing includes but is not limited to; bathing suits, beach coverups, camisoles, hoodies, non-dressy Jeans, carpenter pants, T-shirts, sweat suits, cutoffs, torn shorts, yoga pants, sneakers, and flip-flops.

Beginner Pistol Clinic

Beginner Pistol Clinic

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